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Big thinker. Creative Designer.

I am a graphic designer and creative thinker. A recent graduate from the Art Institute International in Kansas City where I was born and raised. My strategic thinking, idea conceptualization, and multi-faceted design competence is seen in materials from website creation to logo development. While still a student, my work drew clients from corporate and not-for-profit spheres. They include GolfTeeDesigns, LinnStar Transport, KC Copters, Kansas City Friends of Jung, Broadmoor Bistro, and MINDDRIVE.

I am an excellent communicator, comfortable in the free exchange and open dialogue which is essential to the creative process. I graduated from Rockhurst High School. My previous experience in jobs that include hospitality for Royal Caribbean Cruises and customer service for O'Rilley Auto Parts contribute to my drive for satisfied and happy customers. I know how to work with others to get the job done.

Involved in the community, I give my time and talent to places and people in need. In addition to developing graphic materials for MINDDRIVE, I also acts as a mentor to at-risk youth in the program. I have conceived of and designed an internet clearing house that puts people with time to volunteer in touch with organizations that can use the help.

As a big thinker, creative designer, skilled technician and able communicator, I offer the resource that can result in impact for your organization.

Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

Do not give up

the beginning is always the hardest.



My Services

A few, but certainly not limted to.

Let me speak for your brand.

Your brand identifies you in the marketplace. It says what’s unique about who you are and what you offer. It stands out to give you a competitive edge. With your business, I make it my business to speak your unique brand through word and image.


Image is everything.

Your identity comes through with every impression you make — from logo to annual report, from sales presentation materials to media campaigns, and more. From overall design style to color, image and font, consistency throughout is key.



Marketing is about strategic analysis -- learning all you can about ever- changing factors that affect your success -- and creative thinking. There are a plethora of ways to communicate with your constituents, and a marketing-oriented designer knows how.



Advertising is a fundamental component of a sound marketing plan. In today's vast media world, advertising can appear in many forms and be received in many ways. Strong visual design coupled with a compelling message can move potential consumers to act.


Welcome home(page).

Your website is the most important aspect — and the hub — of your online presence and connection. With millions of websites accessible with a click on the keyboard, yours must grab and hold the viewers attention from the initial hit on your homepage.


Social Media

Social media — using platforms like Facebook and Twitter — builds awareness through word of mouth marketing when news or a compelling image or message is shared by readers throughout their networks. Well done, it drives more traffic and potential business to your website.

When stock won't cut it.

Photographs  — planned, shot, and worked with in a wide variety of ways — are one way to dramatize your services or products. Programs like Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom — along with a good, creative vision — offer a variety of possibilities.  


Let's get graphic.

Good illustration sparks attention, arouses curiosity, and inspires interest. Sketches, drawings, and paintings — directed by the skillful and technically savvy designer — deliver advertising that makes an impact and drives home results.


Proficency In

Mac or PC. If I don't know it, I learn it.

CS6 and Beyond

I am a dual platform user. Born and raised on Apple, I have taken it upon myself to learn Windows, and have backend and troubleshooting expereince. I am current with Windows 8. But don't be fooled, I am a Mac! I began working with the Adobe family in 2003. Adobe Photoshop 9, I believe. Since then I have learned the in's and out of the whole Creative Suite family. In addition too Adobe, some experience in Final Cut Pro, 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD and other proprietary software. I am familiar with G-Code for CNC programming as well as the art of 3D Printing.

I utilize the open-source community, and am continually learning new technologies. If I find it interesting, I find out how it's done. This is not just limited to the ground, I have done aerial photography, and stiched together 360º panoramic photographs. If you do something cool, tell me about it!

Tell me about it!


My Work

Highlights, certainly not all of it.

MINDDRIVE Annual Report 2014

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KC Bravery

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Driven To Educate

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Broadmoor Bistro

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A Greater You

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Broadmoor Adult Education

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Broadmoor Adult Education

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Court Kennedy

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Linnstar Transport

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Maloneys Sports Bar

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MINDDRIVE Annual Report 2013

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REDLEF Construction

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MINDDRIVE Social Fuel Tour/h4>

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Rockhurst High School

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Broadmoor Adult Education

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People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Steve Jobs

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney


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